Company Profile

TAME PROMOTION SERVICES was established in 1989, the company is run by a team of five, which oversees a comprehensive laundry system sales cycles which involves a number of steps.

The team first conducts a consultation session with the client to explain the benefits and usefulness of a laundry system to him or her. After that a home assessment is required to check on the potential area for the laundry system and there after the final step is to have the laundry system installed.

TAME'S laundry system are designed to suit all HDB flats, condos, maisonettes, apartments and houses of all kind. TAME'S user friendly laundry system guarantee you a much neater and spacious environment. That blends marvellously well with all interior decoration at your laundry and balcony areas.

Our products are designed with higher quality and with added features. They are manufactured overseas before being imported to local shores. Main materials for our laundry systems are mainly stainless steel and aluminiumthus making our products of higher quality.

Our purposes is to be a leader in the laundry system industries. In order to be a leader we provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of customers. In order to build a long relationship, we always believe in our customers with respect & faith.